How We Do It

We are passionate about supporting organisations, teams and individuals to engage in safe, ethical, person centred practice which delivers high quality, meaningful and measurable outcomes. Our approach enables the participation of the ‘cognitive whole’ of an organisation or team to inform practice, service development, administrative policy and decision making. This ensures learning becomes embedded in the culture of the organisation or team. Dialogue, truly listening to all participants and valuing their contribution to shared learning is central to our approach. While hierarchy is important we ask that Directors, Senior Managers and Team Leaders remove their 'hierarchical hats' to allow everybody to contribute and be heard, their views valued and respected We work with health and social care organisations, teams, service providers and the people who use their services to support the development, design and redesign of services through coproduction We facilitate workshops and training sessions working alongside people who commission services, people who use services and people who deliver ensure services are accessible, delivered in the right place to the right people at the right time.