What We Do

We use appreciative, dialogic learning methodology (using the voice of people who use and work in health and social care services) underpinned by person centred thinking to inform change, and improve processes.  Whether a quality improvement programme encompasses the whole organisation in “macro” change, or a team of people are reorganising a single clinic on a “micro” scale, the same principles of change management apply.

Through coproduction we work with organisations, teams and people who use services to design / redesign and embed person centred services. We are passionate about developing personalised care planning and integrated health and social care services.

We offer

Organisations, Teams and Individuals:

  • Workshop facilitation and support around organisational learning, the process of shared learning, service design and redesign
  • Facilitation of Action Learning Programmes / Sets for Leaders, staff teams and people who use services.
  • Workshops to support service design/redesign through coproduction. 
  • Workshops and training to develop and embed Personalised Care Planning.
  • Facilitation of Personalised Care Plans alongside families, teams, individual adults, children and their  families.
  • Support for individuals and families to make sense of assessment and make best use of personal health and social care budgets. 
  • Facilitation of organisation and individual service development, design / redesign through co-production
  • Community,  person centred user engagement and inclusion in learning and planning processes.
  • Community engagement and inclusion in person centred service redesign
  • Social Work supervision for individuals and teams
  • Social work assessments for adults, children and their families
  • Mental Capacity Assessments 
  • Reablement / enablement Training 
  • Occupational Health Assessments