Who We Are

Me April 2014


Hello and welcome to the website of Planning with PeopleI have over 30 years experience of working in Community Health and Social Care Services, the last 20 in Senior Leadership Positions. I am passionate about Service Integration and enjoy supporting organisations, teams and individuals to engage in safe, ethical, Person Centred Practices which deliver high quality, meaningful and measurable outcomes with safeguarding at their core.

I have expertise in supporting the development of Appreciative Leadership and the Personalisation of Service Delivery. Through doctoral research I developed an approach to Organisational Learning I named 'Appreciative Dialogic Learning'. My expertise in Personalised Care and Support Planning spans two decades. I was responsible for the introduction of Person Centred Planning to mainstream children and families, family support services in 2004 and have continued to pioneer this approach across Children’s Social Care and Adult Community Health Services.

My approach releases the potential within Health and Social Care Services by unlocking the shared knowledge, skills and talents of people who work in, and those who use them . I Use the voice of these people to inform change, and improve processes. This ensures learning from locations where services are provided (such as peoples’ own homes, residential establishments, hospital wards, and community based clinics) is pulled together and integrated to inform whole system change. Learning therefore becomes embedded in the culture of the organisation or teams. 

Whether a quality improvement programme encompasses the whole organisation in “macro” change, or a team of people are reorganising a single clinic on a “micro” scale, the same principles of change management apply. Through coproduction we support Service Improvement Programmes, Design and Redesign services and embed Person Centred Practices.

In order to respond to bespoke commissioning requests I have access to a community of practitioners with experience in leading and delivering health and social care services to adults, children and their families. We provide facilitation, training and support to organisations, teams, and individuals. We respond in a solution focused manner, creatively seeking new ways of responding to old problems and familiar challenges through coproduction.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Thank you, Clive