Who We Work With

Delivery of Health and Social Care services is complex and relies on the connection and collaboration of many. We work in partnership with Commissioners, Organisations, Care Providers, Teams and People who use services to integrate, personalise and improve the lived experience and desired outcomes for all involved.

Examples of who work with are:

Clinical Commissioning Groups and Commissioners of Health and Social Care Services 

-  We engage with local communities to ensure health and social care services and interventions are        informed and coproduced by the people who use them

-  We work with commissioners and service providers to support programmes of Service Improvement

-  We work with commissioners, service providers, teams and people who use services to design /             redesign integrated services through coproduction

-  We work with Care Providers to improve quality and embed personalised care and support planning 

NHS, Social Care and providers of Community Health Services

-   We use Person Centred Thinking, Dialogic and Action Learning methodology to support organisations      to understand their purpose, core roles and responsibilities and to effectively support teams and            individuals to perform to their maximum potential through Appreciative Leadership. 

-   We support Organisations and Teams to improve, design / redesign and implement effective,         meaningful, affordable service interventions. 

-   We work with Teams and individuals to understand how to plan alongside, care and support people living with complex health and social care needs     on a ward setting, while living in residential accommodation or while living at home.

-   We work with multidisciplinary, integrated teams to develop personalised care and support plans for people living with complex conditions creating       clear, transparent and effective discharge and on going care plans to ensure transition is effective and sustainable for the individual and the service.

-   We use coproduction methodology to support the process of integration across statutory, voluntary and third sector service providers including             financial and human resources.

Children and Families

-  We work with Local Authorities and providers of Family Support Services to engage with communities and individual families in order to understand      their needs, design / redesign services together using coproduction methodologies.

-  We work with Local Authorities and Family Support service to support a clear understanding of team and individual roles and purpose creating a            smooth transition between professional assessment and service intervention.

-  We work with all providers of health and social care services to work closely with the people who use their service to develop personalised care and        support plans that recognise the needs of the family holistically as well as those of individual children and family members.  

-  We support the development of 'Family Plans' for current and prospective foster carers. These plans identify what is important to a family and the        support they need to be successful. These plans are useful for placing children with families, finding a match between lifestyle, leisure and cultural        needs. 

-  We enable Family Support organisations to maximise their relationships with the families they support, creating family and person centred plans that    support measurable, successful, solution focussed outcomes

-  We work with Local Autorities and providers of residential placements for children looked after to create Person Centred Plans that identify what is        required from a shared perspective to maxmise opportunities and enable children to be as successful as possible educatiionally and socially.

-  We work with Local Authorities, children and their familes 

Schools and Residential Education Providers

- We work with schools to maxmise the potential of all children in their care who require additional support

- We support young people and their families through the complex transition from children's to adult services 

Care/Nursing Home providers

-   We assist with systems and processes that meet and exceed care standards and those inspected by regulatory bodies

-   We support organnisations and service providers with the developemnt and implentation of Personalised Care and Support Plans

-   We Train and Support staff to effectively plan and use Person Centred Interventions when caring for people presenting distressed behaviour.                 Effective planning with the individual themselves their families, carers  people who know them best and other professionals supports the                     development of well informed competent practitioners who deliver confident, compassionate care with the highest levels of                                         understanding and respect